Piper specializes in the fundamental classic techniques; hair cutting and simplicity in its highest quality for both technical hair styling and running a small business. Piper’s work is reflective of the foundational techniques that were made famous by Sassoon in the 1960’s and showcases their commitment to detail.


As well as training in London at the Sassoon Academy, Piper finds time to stay relevant by continuing their education as well as teaching others. The Old Hat’s “Prospect Training” program is a way that Piper and the team have been able to pass on their knowledge and ensure a quality education to junior staff members. 

Piper’s time at the salon is divided between working behind the chair, training junior staff members and of course, running the business. Piper's passion for consistent and sustainable growth is apparent in their work with hair but also with the business model, constantly looking for any area of improvement. 

Piper’s clientele is currently full; however, if you would like a consultation or a referral don’t hesitate to email or call for a chat! 


250.590.0510 or  info@theoldhat.ca